We're a brand with some opinions, and also some love to give. You guessed that, right? 

Pretty clear from the name, but we do love Mary Jane. We know a lot of you do too. Roughly thirteen million Mary Jane lovers in this country alone, so yeah . . . seems to be catching on. Instead of climbing on the soapbox now, we'll cut to the chase about why we're doing what we're doing . . . we wanted comfy shirts with badass designs and messages that provoke a little thought. We didn't stop at shirts, but that was our inspiration.

We know a lot of you are low-key folks, not interested in being billboards for controversy. That's why we created a variety of designs to let you decide how subtle or obvious you want to be. If someone asks what the patent number on your shirt references you can always tell them it's for breast implants, or Catalytic Converters, or whatever. Be creative. If you don't mind rockin' a more obvious statement then we've got you covered there as well.

While we're thankful that we live in a country where free speech is practiced, we also want to respect the law. It's still Federally illegal in this country to consume cannabis of any kind. We hope this will change, but for now, it's the law of the land. We're not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal or unhealthy. This is about changing perception and hopefully changing laws in the most respectful way possible.

Have a look around, ping us with any questions, and have an excellent day!


The Folks at I Love Mary Jane