Grow Your Marijuana Apparel Collection With ‘Crippy’ Keeper Halloween-Themed Mug

Grow Your Marijuana Apparel Collection With ‘Crippy’ Keeper Halloween-Themed Mug

Have you got a Halloween party coming up? For the thousands who just said in unison, “I sure do,” then we’ve got a proposition. We know that there are plenty of you who would prefer to not walk around with an open can or red plastic cup. Rather, you’d like something a bit more seasonable, stylish and personalized to let others know that you… partake… so to speak. Since there’s no better way to achieve this than by rocking cannabis apparel and goods of all kinds, the first thing on your need-to-buy list should be this limited edition “Tales from the Crippy” Halloween-inspired mug that we’re offering. This marijuana mug is perfect for your morning coffee, evening tea or any beverage in-between.

Maybe you’ve got a cauldron of some special drink brewing in the kitchen and want to show off your true colors. Well then, nothing is going to grab the attention of friends quite like our “Tales from the Crippy” mug – especially those who are in on the joke. You’ll have plenty of costumed friends asking all about your pro-cannabis ceramic mug, which is sturdy and glossy. It’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe so the vivid print of the crypt keeper won’t fade or discolor. At the affordable price of $15, grow your marijuana apparel collection with this Halloween-themed mug!

Do we think we’re funny by offering a “Tales from the Crippy” mug? Sure, but it’s part of a larger goal to enlighten the masses about marijuana and little things like this are great ways at, ahem, sparking a conversation. At, you’ll see everything from cannabis shirts to marijuana hats and hoodies that all carry a unique message. Best of all, we cater to the young professional who wants to show that they’re pro-pot without having to rock a tie-dye tank top with Bob Marley’s face emblazoned across it (Nothing against Mr. Marley. We love that guy; we just can’t wear something like that so long after college). Rather, consider our patent number marijuana shirt to get the point across with a wink and knowing nod.

So there you have it: A Halloween-themed mug that will have guests talking and you satisfied with not only your new top-notch product, but in the knowledge that you’ve supported a company that has a similar belief system as yours. It all adds up to supporting the cause and it’s one we’re going to win much sooner than later.


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