Desus & Mero are Wearing ILoveMaryJane

Desus & Mero are Wearing ILoveMaryJane

Do you watch the Desus & Mero show? It's on every weeknight on Viceland and we've been big fans since day one. If you don't watch it, you should. 

In their own words, "Watch us because Mero has mad kids and Desus loves sneakers and we’re funny and the other late night shows are corny AF." There you go. That's enough proof that you should check them out.

Because we love these guys so much, it's no surprise that we straight up freaked out (you know, in a really good way) when we first spotted Desus wearing our CDXX (420) hat. This was on December 20th and it was the best early Christmas gift we could've asked for. 

Fast forward to January 25th. Desus rocked ANOTHER ILoveMaryJane hat. This time his pick was our 'marijuana' in Korean snap back cap. And people took note. That hat quickly became our best seller for the week following the show. 

We are ecstatic about the love that Desus is giving us. Check out their show and stay tuned - there may be more ILMJ apparel in the future! 

Stay lit, y'all!




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